Interest Transfer

BML requires applicable documentation that has been filed with the county clerk where the property is located. The copy must reflect the county’s filemark. New interest owners and contact information must be provided.

Copy of the assignment, Bill of Sale, Mineral Royalty Deed or other conveyance document transferring the mineral interest. The conveyance document must be filed with the county clerk where the property is located.

Copy of recorded conveyance document transferring the interest into the Trust, along with a copy of the Trust Agreement reflecting the documentation appointing the Trustee. Or, if distributing from a Trust, a Trustee’s Distribution Deed from the Trustee to the beneficiaries of the Trust, filed of record in the County Clerk’s office of the County in which the property and minerals reside.

Copy of the Divorce Decree.

To assist in the change of interest owner, please provide BML with the following information:

  • Interest Owner’s Name
  • BML Interest Owner Number(s)
  • BML Lease Number(s)


Contact Information:

BML, Inc.
P.O. Box 5061
Abilene, TX 79608-5061

Michael Dickson
325-676-3358 or 866-776-3358

For questions contact:  or  Call 325.676.3355 x210  or  800.588.0265