Estate Proceedings





To pay the estate:

  • Certificate of appointment of estate representative (letter testamentary)

  • Copy of Death Certificate

To pay the heirs when owner dies testate and estate is not probated:

  • Copy of Death Certificate

  • Completed Recorded Affidavit of Heirship form

To pay the devisees when owner dies testate and will is probated:

  • Document reflecting final account and distribution

  • Copy of Death Certificate

  • Copy of Probated Will

  • Order admitting will to probate

  • Letter of testamentary

Life Estate - Of owner is deceased:

  • Copy of Death Certificate

  • Names and addresses of remainder people with their percent owned


(Above documents should be recorded in the state/county where the property is located.)


In order to properly update our records for payment, we need documents evidencing change 30 days before the effective date.  Your questions and concerns can be handled more quickly if you provide us with the following information when you call, write or e-mail:

  • Your Name

  • Your BML Owner Number(s)

  • Your BML Lease Number(s)

  • Your Social Security or Tax I.D. Number

  • Date of check if question concerns a specific check


If you have further questions, contact:



    Lauren Fowler:     325-676-3355 ext. 225 or